miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Looking for the meaning of life.

Is really difficult for me to talk about that, because is a topic very deep, complex and transcendental. What is the sense of life? Can somebody define it? Honestly I can’t define the sense of life, but I can say something about it.

Life is something complicated. To live in this social system is a challenge every day: You have to fight with the stupid demands of this system, like “to study for obtain a job”, then you have to agree to any job and work all day long, without time for you, without time for to be happy and develop your spirituality or your mind. So, how can you ask for the sense of life? There’s no time for questions like these. In this accelerated and individualist world there’s no time for deep questions. The human beings are required to carry out with the demands of the capitalist system: to study, to work, to get money, to produce for the system. And that is the wheel of life, there’s no space for develop yourself.
       Young man holding a banner.
However, I’m conscious about that. Always I’m thinking in my life, in what I want of this life. I think in the way of get out of this system and to be happy. I try to think in the way of to find the sense of my life, even being inside of this system. Sometimes I’m feeling pessimistic and I can’t see the sense of life, and I think that all of us are like a piece of a big joke of god or something similar. Also, sometimes, I got happiness in little details, like the smile of my friends, the love of my family… and I think: “perhaps, the sense of life is in these small things”, and enjoy them is to know the real secret. 
See you soon!
A great truth.

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