miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

The place that I would like to visit before dying...

Hello everybody, in this time I’ll to talk about the place that I would like to visit before dying.
First of all I have to say that I would like to know all my country before to visit another country. And one place that is really interesting for me is Easter Island. Why this place? I think that this island is like another country into Chile. They are very different culture, in fact, the rapanui people doesn’t feel like “chilean people”.

Rapanuis on the beach of Anakena.

I knew this place through of a subject that I took in the university, called “Etnology of Rapa Nui Culture”. In this subject I learned different aspects of this culture: it history, the colonization process, the traditions, etc. I would like to know this place, especially for the “Tapati”, the cultural carnival of the island. This carnival last long ten days, and it consist in reproduce the ancestral traditions of the island. For example in the Tapati, rapanui people recreate ancestral sports like “Vaka Tuai”, where each team should recreate a traditional boat of Polynesia. Another activity is called “Takona” and consists in a competition of body painting. This competition is very particular because the participants keep the ancestral technique based in to mix the natural pigments of the island and to describe, in front of the audience, the meaning of the painting.

Rapanui body painting.

As anthropologist I would like to visit this place, live with the natives and learned about them. Definitely I would like to do ethnography about the rapanui culture.

Have a good day!

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