martes, 7 de junio de 2011

¿Everything has an end?

Beyond doubt, it was a fruitful experience. Most of the time I enjoy it. Only sometimes it was tedious, i think because clases were very early and I was sleepy. But I think, in general, the writing is not an activity that may displease someone, it is a fascinating way to socialize that you have in and you want to communicate. While, it is true that communicate in a foreign language is a particular experience. No only one sees limited his linguistic resources, especially when not handled properly the foreign language, but should try to connect to different ways of expression, peculiar to this language. This is extremely difficult at first, but as time passes begins to become easier and more enjoyable. It is a good way to write about everyday things like food, travel, books, music, photos that we like. These are the things that you talk normally and, therefore, it is easier and even useful in terms of learning a foreign language to talk about these things. It is also a good idea to be able to read the writings of other students because you can go looking for different ways to say the same thing. This can be learning new forms of expression that one would not have thought of. It is also good that the blogs are written during class time, as well one takes the time corresponding to perform activities without having to allow extra time. However, it is also in part a problem because the class time is not always enough to write as much as one tries to express.

The topics on which we write were entertaining, although it should have always existed the possibility to choose between two topics, like the time in which we had to choose between a food and a favorite book. Definitely, it was a good experience and I feel I could improve my level ofEnglish expression in some degree.

A part in spanish a part in english.