miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

I´m in a room classes. My friends (from private universities) in the beach.

In these days I prefer not to visit facebook. The last time that I did it I read things like these: “The last test and I will be on vacation”, “The latest effort”, “I don´t know what to do on vacation...”, “Tomorrow, I will do nothing but watch TV”. The next week It will be worse. Probably most of my friends will be on the beach! Meanwhile, I will be studying for one of the many tests that we are beginning to take.

I don’t envy them, I just feel cheated. Someone said life is not fair; now more than ever, I give it all the reason! We were mobilized for more than five months, like stoic “postmodern heroes”. And, what we achieve with this? A small adjustment in the education budget, which also will benefit both public and private universities. Further, private university students continued with classes regularly and now they enjoy vacations. And what´s more, the students number of private universities increased by over fifty percent. It´s inusual and shocking! And this is our situation… we still have a whole month of classes, another month doing research work and studying for tests, and finally when classes over, classes start again. Is like a tragicomedy! I just hope that we grant that this summer the temperature doesn´t too high.

Whatever, each Hinzpeter´s ulcer, each new Larraín´s wrinkle, and each Piñera´s white hair still worth.

With four days of Christmas, yours “the ostrich”.

Work in summer isn´t impossible.