miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Is the end of world imminent?

In this days is usually to listen that people says things like this: "According to Maya`s prophecies 2012 is the date of great cataclysms like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis";  "The corruption of Catholic church, the conflicts and wars around the world, the new viral sickness are unanswerable signals of the Apocalypsis, you must read the sacred texts, we are in the end of the times, regrets of your sins". But, is really the end of world imminent? We need regrets of our sins?

The last year wasn`t the Judgement Day .
In year 2000, date of end of millennium, all people was worried. According to theory`s of the moment the collapse of informational systems could to break a nuclear holocaust. But nothing was happen and all people was happy until the Maya`s prophecy turns in popular knowledge. The profecy of the moment says that Mayas  people, an advanced civilization that disappear mysteriously and that developed precise and high detailed studies of cosmic cycles, could have predicted the end of a cosmic cycle that could represents the end of solar system and consequently the annihilation of Earth. It`s popular interpretation derives of the following fact: "According the scientific calculations the Maya`s calendar finish in the year 2012". The logic of the popular interpretation reveal that the form in what`s occidental reason concibed the time is linear. It means that the facts in the natural order has a develop determinated by the succesive relation of causes and consequences until an indeterminated anomaly marks the end of the serie; for example, in religious natural order the situation that marks the end of the succesion of causes and consequences is designated the Judgement Day. Then, the possibility that a consequence turns into a pure cause is impossible because that involves that natural order of the facts could be circular. Precisely, the maya`s reason conceive the order of the facts in a circular way, and it`s implies that times return. Because of, a linear reason can`t be used to understand the way in that a circular reason conceive/construct the natural-social world: that times has a neccesarily is so different to that times return. By this I don`t share te opinion of fatalistic people that lives in a fatalistic world. The end of a cicle is just the end of cicle and the beginning of a new "somersault".

The famous Maya`s calendar.

I don`t believe in apocalyptics theories, the "end of world" is part of a teleological system of ideas and I think that teleology is a mechanism of mental control developed in societies where inequalities is the estructural principle of order. By this reason I prefer not to talk you what I would do in the remaining time I have; it`s is really irrelevant because the end of "the personal world" could be today or the day after tomorrow and you shouldn`t to planificate your life, you just should try to feel comfortable and enjoy your days: the end of the world happens all days a lot of times. Then, is most amusin to think that Maya`s cosmological thinkers were joking us.
A possible answer to the mistery.
Remember friends, the Judgement Day could be today. I see you in march.

Ecological practices.

Today I’ll talk about the ecological practices. Honestly I must recognize that I’m not an ecological person, I don’t have much time for develop this type of activity. But in my apartment, my roommates are very green persons. They participate in ecological organizations, making gardens and recycling garbage. So, in our apartment we have the politics of to recycle some elements of the garbage like plastic, paper, cardboard, and organic residues. But, I don’t do more than this. I just cooperate with the planet being careful with the garbage, not smoking, using my legs instead the public transport and recycling in my house.

The first house made of bottles in África.

But, I think that I’m a strange case in my friends circle because today all people are ecological. The ecology and the love for the nature has become in the fight flag of many organizations. And this is because today that topic is widely discussed in the internet and the news. Also in the schools has installed environmentally friendly practices, encouraging the children to care for the earth and nature.

Children working in organic agriculture.

I would like participate in some organization, like “Greenpeace” for example, but I don’t have much time. The university consume my entire time and I think that this type of organization require so much commitment and a complete dedication. Also I would like to have a bike, because this is a great way of reduce the contamination and the vehicular congestion. But I don’t have money for now, so I have to keep using my legs…

Regards, see you in class!

The place that I would like to visit before dying...

Hello everybody, in this time I’ll to talk about the place that I would like to visit before dying.
First of all I have to say that I would like to know all my country before to visit another country. And one place that is really interesting for me is Easter Island. Why this place? I think that this island is like another country into Chile. They are very different culture, in fact, the rapanui people doesn’t feel like “chilean people”.

Rapanuis on the beach of Anakena.

I knew this place through of a subject that I took in the university, called “Etnology of Rapa Nui Culture”. In this subject I learned different aspects of this culture: it history, the colonization process, the traditions, etc. I would like to know this place, especially for the “Tapati”, the cultural carnival of the island. This carnival last long ten days, and it consist in reproduce the ancestral traditions of the island. For example in the Tapati, rapanui people recreate ancestral sports like “Vaka Tuai”, where each team should recreate a traditional boat of Polynesia. Another activity is called “Takona” and consists in a competition of body painting. This competition is very particular because the participants keep the ancestral technique based in to mix the natural pigments of the island and to describe, in front of the audience, the meaning of the painting.

Rapanui body painting.

As anthropologist I would like to visit this place, live with the natives and learned about them. Definitely I would like to do ethnography about the rapanui culture.

Have a good day!

Looking for the meaning of life.

Is really difficult for me to talk about that, because is a topic very deep, complex and transcendental. What is the sense of life? Can somebody define it? Honestly I can’t define the sense of life, but I can say something about it.

Life is something complicated. To live in this social system is a challenge every day: You have to fight with the stupid demands of this system, like “to study for obtain a job”, then you have to agree to any job and work all day long, without time for you, without time for to be happy and develop your spirituality or your mind. So, how can you ask for the sense of life? There’s no time for questions like these. In this accelerated and individualist world there’s no time for deep questions. The human beings are required to carry out with the demands of the capitalist system: to study, to work, to get money, to produce for the system. And that is the wheel of life, there’s no space for develop yourself.
       Young man holding a banner.
However, I’m conscious about that. Always I’m thinking in my life, in what I want of this life. I think in the way of get out of this system and to be happy. I try to think in the way of to find the sense of my life, even being inside of this system. Sometimes I’m feeling pessimistic and I can’t see the sense of life, and I think that all of us are like a piece of a big joke of god or something similar. Also, sometimes, I got happiness in little details, like the smile of my friends, the love of my family… and I think: “perhaps, the sense of life is in these small things”, and enjoy them is to know the real secret. 
See you soon!
A great truth.