domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

A little about my life project.

This time I´m going to talk about my life project, about some plans I have for near and distant future. First, I will refer to my future plans on a personal and emotional level. Then, I will refer to those related to my studies and work. Finally, I will refer to life projects of another nature.

The university has required me great sacrifices, especially in the emotional and familiar sphere. The principal of these sacrifices has been away from my family and friends to come and study in Santiago. Moreover, the distance and lack of time not allow me to travel frequently. As a result, have been weakened the relationships with mi family and friends. For this reason, in short term I intend to finish my studies, back to lands and retrieve last time. That is, spend a long time with my family and friends, without concern for essays or examinations. I want to do the trips that I could not do with them; I want to celebrate the festivities that we does not celebrated together; I want to talk with them about everything that we did not discussed.

About my academics projects, my main project is to finish my studies with good marks, to make a profitable practice in a motivating place, and to prepare a good “tesis”.  In the medium term, perhaps in a few years, I would like to apply for a graduate program abroad. I would like to specialize in political science or international relations. In relation to my work projects I have no thought, but anyway I would work anywhere where I can work on issues of interest to me.

Also, I would like to enroll in a political party. I think the institutional policy must be reformed and the only way is that people participate in it. Also, in the future, I would like to make a long trip, I do not know where, but I think we need some time away from all responsibilities and roles that society expects us to fulfill.

Nothing more to say. Greetings to all.

Southern of Chile. In the background Volcán Osorno.

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  1. Claudio, there are 3 posts you haven't written. If I were you, I would post them as soon as possible to get at least part of the mark ...