martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Seúl: the hipermetrópolis.

I would like to visit Seúl, the capital of South Korean. It`s the second most populated city in the world next Tokyo. It`s population is around thirteen millions in the city and around twenty five millions in the metropolitan area. The population density is of 17,219 hab./km, the double of Santiago`s population density. Because of this, it`s a very interesting place to observe the social dynamics and the individual behavior of people in extreme proximity. Another reason is the incredible total number of cars that amount to seventeen millions of units, seventeen times the total numbers of cars of Santiago. Because of this, it`s a very interesting place to observe the effects of incessant movement and his consequences in human spatiotemporal perception. How you see, is a fascinating place to field work and socioanthropological observation. However I didn`t like to live there, by an issue of mental health.

I would like to go in good company, but can be an interesting experience to go alone.

I didn`t saving money to go there because I use my savings in more immediate things, but would be a good idea begin to saving.

Time is off. Regards.

Seúl in the day

Seúl at night

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Music to cheer up!

Sadness caused us a lot of problems. To top it all, sadness has no a definitive solution. Fortunately, are a lot of distractions for absent-mind. Distractions such as counting up to five thousands and half, reading about why cockerels crown, sing songs in Irish or to go out thinking about crab mortality. Things like that will help you to mitigate the sadness. However, today, I will recommend you something that I hardly ever do: to listen to music to cheer up!

As you know, exist an innumerable number of musical styles. Someones more pleasing to the ears than anothers. Thinking in the lesser of two evils I recommend you music from Baroque period. Quoting to Wikipedia, Baroque is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe that produce works in fields like the literature, sculpture, painting, arquitecture, dance and music. In music, the most valuable composers are Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Haendel and Antonio Vivaldi. Particularly I like Haendel`s and Vivaldi`s pieces such as Sarabande and the oratorio Messiah, by the first one, and The Four Seasons, by the last one. From this last opus I enjoy specially Winter and Autumn concerts by the stridency, the emotive and the explosiveness of the Nature. I think that Four seasons is a spectacular methafor from human nature. In this sense, I propose you and “emotional homeopathic terapy” in where humans passions faced human passions.
With nothing further to add, yours respectfully, the baroque ostrich!

martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Anthropology resources in the Net.

Today I would to present you a very interesting website related to anthropology thematics. The name of the website is Naya. It means "Noticias de Antropología y Arqueología". It  is described as a virtual city of anthropology for spanish-speakers. It was designed and is managed by argentinian anthropologists. In the website you can to find out about current affairs in world anthropology and archaeology. Besides, you can find out information about specifics matters like rock art, ethnohistory, cultural identity, myths and legends, cultural heritage, urban anthropology, museology, globalization or world religions. Furthermore there is information about the main events of anthropology in Spanish America, like official conferences, exhibitions and cultural interventions.

Is remarkable the urban anthropology section. At this you can find out papers, presentations of conferences and links to online journals specializing in the topic. For example, it is several papers of important researchers like the Spanish philosopher and anthropologist Jesús Martín Barbero or the French anthropologist and EHESS`s lecturer Michel Agier.

If you are interested to visit the website you must to click on the following link

Thank you for your interest! Regards.

Naya`s website snapshot.