miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Ecological practices.

Today I’ll talk about the ecological practices. Honestly I must recognize that I’m not an ecological person, I don’t have much time for develop this type of activity. But in my apartment, my roommates are very green persons. They participate in ecological organizations, making gardens and recycling garbage. So, in our apartment we have the politics of to recycle some elements of the garbage like plastic, paper, cardboard, and organic residues. But, I don’t do more than this. I just cooperate with the planet being careful with the garbage, not smoking, using my legs instead the public transport and recycling in my house.

The first house made of bottles in África.

But, I think that I’m a strange case in my friends circle because today all people are ecological. The ecology and the love for the nature has become in the fight flag of many organizations. And this is because today that topic is widely discussed in the internet and the news. Also in the schools has installed environmentally friendly practices, encouraging the children to care for the earth and nature.

Children working in organic agriculture.

I would like participate in some organization, like “Greenpeace” for example, but I don’t have much time. The university consume my entire time and I think that this type of organization require so much commitment and a complete dedication. Also I would like to have a bike, because this is a great way of reduce the contamination and the vehicular congestion. But I don’t have money for now, so I have to keep using my legs…

Regards, see you in class!

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