domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Free Topic: Living in Santiago.

Today I’ll talk to you about that means for me live in Santiago. I have lived in Santiago during six years. I came to this city for to study, because always I wished study in University of Chile, so I’m here.

I’m from Puerto Montt and when I came to this city I though “It’s so different!” The people were very cold, and distant, many of them don’t saluted. It was so hard used to this lifestyle: accelerated, individualist, hottest. But through the time I learned to appreciate the good things of this part of my country and I founded very nice people, beautiful and interesting places, inexpensive and great restaurants and bars.

But what I like of Santiago is, undoubtedly, its wide range of cultural shows. Theatre, dance, music, opera, zoo, etc. Unfortunately I don’t have much time for enjoy of all activities, but when I can, I like go to museums, libraries and walk around of the historic town. The neighborhood Lastarria, for example, is really beautiful, and it has many stores and coffees. It’s a place very quiet for read a book or takes pictures.

After all, I think that I like so much this city. Every time I travel around the city, I like it more.

Santiago. A view from the Cerro San Cristóbal.

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